Apprenticeships are traditionally recognised as a route to earn as you learn.


An apprenticeship combines “on the job” and “off the job” training and provides the apprentice with both practical training and the vital underpinning knowledge that is crucial to develop all round competence as the apprentice works towards nationally recognised qualifications. 

At CP Assessments, the apprentice will attend our training centre for 5 x weekly occasions over a period of 12-months to undertake both theoretical and practical training in accordance with the modules and standards set by the national awarding body (CITB)

Modern Apprenticeships in Highways Maintenance

This “Grant Supported” Apprenticeships has been specifically designed for people interested in persuing a career in “Highways Maintenance” which is delivered over a period of 18-months, with the specific objective of providing vocational skills training opportunities to two particular age groups (16-18 & 19-24) giving them the opportunity to enter the workplace and develop their skills while they earn a living.

Highways Maintenance Framework

Apprenticeship in Construction Operations - General Construction

This qualification is designed for people interested in pursuing a career as a construction operative (ground worker) in the construction industry and are motivated to work hard, sometimes away from home, to become valuable members of the workforce.

Construction Operations Framework

Apprenticeship vacancies

Construction Assessments funded apprenticeships are open to anyone of any age and any experience level.

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