As the employer, you decide which training organisation you want to work with, guaranteeing the right support for the future career path of your chosen candidate.

Apprenticeship in Construction Operations - General Construction

(Ground Worker) (C-skills Award Level 2 Diploma)


We believe that working with CP Assessments will remove any uncertainty about the process of employing an apprentice as we will be there every step of the way to make sure that you receive all the support you need to make the right decision at every stage. 

You will be appointed an apprenticeship advisor who will offer you advice and support about the scheme and will work with you in the recruitment process if required by advertising your vacancy(s) through the National Apprenticeship Scheme (NAS) in order to short list prospective candidate and provide you with the assurance that the final recruitment decision is completely yours.

What are apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are traditionally recognised as a route to earn as you learn. An apprenticeship combines “on the job” and “off the job” training and provides the apprentice with both practical training and the vital underpinning knowledge that is crucial to develop all round competence as the apprentice works towards nationally recognised qualifications. 

At CP Assessments, the apprentice will attend our training centre for 5 x weekly occasions over a period of 12-months to undertake both theoretical and practical training in accordance with the modules and standards set by the national awarding body (CITB).

Construction Operative Level 2 

This qualification is designed for people interested in pursuing a career as a construction operative (ground worker) in the construction industry and are motivated to work hard, sometimes away from home, to become valuable members of the workforce. The “Construction Operative Apprenticeship” sets out to produce general operatives trained to operate within a specific range of construction based skills. During their training at CP Assessments Ltd, the apprentices gain a good understanding of the activities, techniques and procedures specifically relating to General Construction and ground works operations.

Construction Diploma 

The course includes apprentice training in Construction Technology. This area of training aims to provide apprentices with a wider base of both skills and knowledge of the construction industry (General Construction).

Practical elements gained within the course

Install work area protection and safety equipment, lay domestic drainage including preparation and setting out levels and gradients, carry out testing on newly laid drainage systems, install inspection chambers, connect to existing drainage systems, place and finish concrete, position and secure concrete reinforcement products, setting out lines and levels, trenching and footings, construct and secure basic formwork. In addition, the apprentice will be required to read and extract information from drawings and specifications, conform to general workplace safety guidelines, security and waste management controls. 


  • CSA L2Occ85: Establish work area protection and safety-general construction 
  • CSA L1Core01: Health, safety & welfare in construction and associated industries 
  • CSA L2Occ86: Lay domestic drainage 
  • CSA L2Occ87: Place and finish non-specialist concrete 
  • CSA L2Core06: Understanding civil engineering technology 
  • CSA L2Core04: Understanding information, quantities and communication with others


Overall, the apprentice will work towards a number of qualifications including:

  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma (competency qualification) 
  • Level 2 Construction Diploma (training qualification) 
  • Level 1 NVQ Health & Safety 
  • Functional Skills (Maths & English) 
  • Communication skills